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We are engaged being the 2nd generation of our family and enjoying long acquaintance as an established Leather business in 1990 when we were looking for Raw Materials to Wet Blue forms to cater to the needs of local market abundantly. Thereafter, the New Captain of the Team had taken over charge in 1988 and established the export-oriented company namely M/s. Shah Din Tanneries, Karachi and since then committed to making expansion & innovation in the Finished Leather of Cow, Sheep & Goatskins, which is consumed exclusively for the manufacturing of Leather Shoes, Leather Good/Products/Leather Garments/Gloves/S-Vag/ Suede. etc & meeting our valued customers/buyers requirement to the satisfactory extent at the reasonable price with the competitive edge.

Export Market

Finished Leather of Sheep & Goat skins
350,000 sqft monthly
Europe / Far East